Jackie offers private one-on-one sessions to a wide variety of clients ranging in age and disabilities.  Goals are established after an assessment period (typically four weeks).  During the assessment period, Jackie observes the client's strengths and weaknesses as well as what instruments, activities, etc. they especially enjoy.  After discussing her observations with the client and/or the client's parent/legal guardian or spouse, goals and objectives are created.  Common goal areas include attention to task, behaviors, communication (expressive and/or receptive), fine and gross motor skills, self-esteem, memory, etc.

Typical session lengths are 30, 45, or 60 minutes long.  Most clients have one session per week.  However, there are clients that have as many as three sessions a week and as few as one session every other week.  The majority of her one-on-one sessions take place at her office located on Wilmot, just north of Speedway.  Other accommodations can be arranged.


Pair/Sibling sessions are perfect for friends, siblings, or for those who benefit more from learning in a smaller group environment.  This type of session allows for social interactions with familiar and/or unfamiliar peers while still addressing client specific goals.  The familiarity of a friend or sibling gives that extra sense of comfort while engaging in unfamiliar activities.  For those who want to learn to engage with an unfamiliar peer, the pair session setting allows each child to feel more comfortable while engaging in more intensive one-on-one peer social interactions.


Group sessions are also available.  There are two types of groups offered, each with different levels.  All groups last for ten weeks, with one session per week.  The length of the session depends on the group.  All groups have between 3-5 children.  The age of the children also depends on the group. 

The Academic Readiness groups are designed to introduce and support basic skills needed for success in the classroom setting.  General skills addressed in these groups include:  sitting/staying with a group, taking turns, sharing, engaging in group activities, and following routines (with visual/musical support).  These may be altered slightly depending on the needs of the group. 

The Social Skills groups are designed for children who have a limited tolerance or interest in social interactions or for those that allow others to interact with them, but do not typically initiate or sustain social interactions.  Skills addressed in these groups include:  parallel play, spontaneous/appropriate social interactions, social communication, and teamwork.  Like the other groups, these may be altered slightly depending on the needs of the group.


The private sessions allow for more intensive one-on-one interactions between the child and the music therapist.  The setting allows the music therapist to determine what specific elements of music are motivating for your child and tailor each session to suit their specific needs and interests. 

Group sessions, on the other hand, are optimal for children who enjoy working with peers or need extra practice working together with peers.  These sessions allow the music therapist to address peer interactions (social skills) and group etiquette that could not be practiced in a one-on-one setting.  However, group sessions have less flexibility to meet each child's changing interests and needs from week to week.​


Jackie offers both traditional and adapted private instrumental lessons to children and adults with and without disabilities. 30, 45, and 60 minute lessons are available. 


Jackie also subcontracts with various adult day programs, after-school programs for children with and without disabilities, and summer and winter camps for children with and without disabilities.